RBLM Testimonials

Athena is widely known in Texas and across the US for her down to earth approach to teaching, and the practical and powerful nature of the Ready Bodies, Learning Minds program. Whether it is a presentation to hundreds of therapists, or on the floor with children in a Ready Bodies Motor Lab, Athena is driven by the sincere desire to apply her knowledge to help those that choose to work with her. She is a professional and engaging speaker and an experienced therapist with a clear mission: To help children perform at their peak, and to help therapists, teachers and parents understand the fundamental issues involved with sensory integration, motor skills, learning and performance.

Here’s what others are saying about Athena Oden and the Ready Bodies, Learning Minds program:

  • Whether you are a teacher or a therapist, I strongly recommend Athena’s work. Her books and seminars are updated, well-referenced and give effective methods for promoting child motor development and school function. (read more here)
    Dr. Barbara H. Boucher (PT, PhD, OT)
  • Athena is THE ONE I recommend to all parents AND teachers!
    Dr. Robert Strauss (“Busy Bodies”)
  • Best consultant on motor development’s impact on learning
    Karen Biggerstaff (Speech Pathologist)
  • I ask Athena to work with our teams every chance that she has!
    Dr. Marily Mott (Professor, UTSA)
  • She is such a wonderful teacher!
    Chrissy Cowan (V.I., Region XIII)
  • She knew how to help my son when no one else did
    Janet Hunter (Parent)
  • Having you here to teach our teachers would be one of the best things that ever happened to our district!
    Jeanine Pinner (Hays CISD)
  • Invaluable hands-on direction and coaching
    Connie Headrick (Special Education Teacher)
  • Super workshop! I am so excited about the Motor Lab, and am thrilled at the progress that my students have already made because of the Motor Lab
    Content Mastery Instructor
  • The practical activites are so do-able! I can’t wait to try them in my classroom
  • I didn’t really know how and why these things are connected. I really found the workshop interesting and helpful!
  • This is the most useful and practical work I’ve seen on the subject!
    Physical Therapist