• Struggling students?

    RBLM can help.

    Ready Bodies, Learning Minds is a powerful approach to sensory integration, motor learning, & academic success.

    Our award winning, proven strategies & specific, easy-to-implement motor lab activites build a broad foundation for function & deliver real, measurable academic improvement

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  • Ready to get started?

    Buy the book and activity guide.

    "RBLM - A Key To Academic Success" is the book that has transformed the thinking of so many teachers, therapists, parents and children.

    The "RBLM Activity Guide" is an indispensable companion resource, fully illustrating RBLM activities on pages that can be reused in your motor lab. 

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  • Building your motor lab?

    We've done the hard part for you.

    Preparing and implementing an effective RBLM motor lab couldn't be easier. We've researched and tested this equipment for years in our real-world practice, and now we've assembled it for you here in 3 easy-to-use kits.

    We also offer our high-quality RBLM Spinning Boards, Balance Beams, Balance Bowls and Tactile Tunnels as individual items.  

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  • Ready to learn more?

    Find RBLM seminars in your area.

    Athena Oden, P.T., has educated 1000's of teachers, therapists and parents on RBLM principles. She is a professional and engaging speaker and an experienced therapist.

    Athena is widely known for her down to earth approach to teaching. Join us soon, and let us help you learn how to bring children to their peak performance.

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  • Need more info?

    Watch & share this video.

    In this 2½ minute video, Athena covers the RBLM basics and highlights some key results. We encourage you to share this video with others and use it to help support funding requests for your labs!

    We also provide a slightly longer (4½ minute) version of this video for purchase.

For Parents

The RBLM program will help you understand our children’s reasons for success and failure, how to support them, how to help their bodies grow, and how to offer them solutions to the frustrations in their lives.


RBLM Seminars are held in convenient locations across the US, and are the most effective way to get started with putting the principles to work for you and your children

For Teachers/Schools

RBLM provides children with easy-to-implement experiences and exercises in a motor lab environment to increase the likelihood of their success by developing their sensory and motor systems to their fullest.


Our books, "RBLM - A Key to Academic Success" and the related "RBLM Activity Guide" are indispensable resources for implementing a motor lab.

Upcoming Seminars

For Therapists

The RBLM motor lab addresses the needs of all students in task-oriented circuit training, supported by consistent, foundational exercises, offering developmental support for the sensory and motor systems.

Motor Labs

We pride ourselves in offering a carefully-selected, high-quality selection of kits and equipment for building and implementing your own RBLM Motor Lab